Tips for beamer presentations

Full image in one slide


first slide with \textwidth and second with \paperwidth

How to organize the files in subfolders

I organize my presentacion in a folder with the name of the lecture and subfolders for papers and other for images. Hence, I will have /papers and /images folders. 
  • to insert a figure: \includegraphics{./images/file.png}
  • to insert the references: \bibliography{./papers/references.bib}

Two figures with different captions in one slide




\caption{\only<1>{caption of image-1}\only<2>{caption of image-2}}


Add watermark beamer

\setbeamertemplate{background}{\tikz[overlay,remember picture]\node[opacity=.04]at (current{\includegraphics[width=5cm]{watermark-image}};}

Fit table in beamer slide


then add } after \end{tabular}

Hide navigation simbols

\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}

Use bibliography

\setbeamertemplate{bibliography entry title}{}

\begin{frame}[shrink=0]{Recommended reading} % adjust the shrink.
\bibliographystyle{amsplain} % use unsrt if no order is desired

Hide some section in the index


\appendix %from here, nothing will appear in the outline

Change colors after appearing

\item <1 -> {\only<2->{\color{gray}}First}
\item <2 -> {\only<3->{\color{gray}}Second}
\item <3 -> {Third}

Generate an outline

% Uncomment these lines for an automatically generated outline.
%\begin{multicols}{2} % for two columns

Cambiar cuadro por tabla

\usepackage[spanish, es-tabla]{babel}

Wide slides


Small fonts in Figure caption and text

\setbeamerfont{caption name}{size=\tiny}

 \caption{\tiny{Caption text.}}

My prefered themes and colors


and colors




KOMA-Script Presentation

More info about beamer


  1. Hi, thank you for your blog.
    In Add watermark image in beamer, one should include the package: \usepackage{background} besides the tikz one.


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