Best Android apps 2014

My most frequently used android apps are:

Task list: Any Do (and Cal)

why? Simplicity

Battery life: Juice Defender

Why? Because a cellphone should last >12 hrs

Password manager: LastPass

Why? Because we are living in the year 2014

Security: Cerberus

Why? “Trust in Allah, but tie your camel.”

Mobile browser: Opera for Android

Why? Data saving mode

To read later: Pocket

Why? For travel

Docs scanner: Cam Scan

Why? To convert physical paper in pdf

Notes: Google Keep

Why? Simplicity and sync between devices

Feeds: Feedly

Why? If Mohammed will not go to the mountain...

Time manager: OffTime

Why? Because time is what matters

Lock Screen: Cover

Why? to have easy access to the few apps that I use

MP3 Player: PlayerPro

Why? Simple and the back button behave as it should, to back to the song, not to the main screen, as PowerAmp

Radio: TuneIn

Why? Because I don't see TV, but I listen radio


Why? My main source of procrastination
update january 2015: now is Fenix

Everything: Tasker

Why? Because the cellphone must be intelligent, not dumb

Chat: Hangout & Whatsapp

For all the rest I usually choose the default app, as Gmail, Maps, Clock, Alarm, Dialer, etc.