Repositorios para datos de investigación

Área: Ecología, general
Características: Gratis
Descripción: is a curated general-purpose repository that makes the data underlying scientific publications discoverable, freely reusable, and citable. Dryad has integrated data submission for a growing list of journals; submission of data from other publications is also welcome.

Área: General
Características: Gratis
Descripción: GigaScience is an online, open-access journal that includes, as part of its publishing activities, the database GigaDB.

Área: General 
Características:  archivo máx 250 MB, espacio ilimitado
Descripción:  store, share, discover. Manage your research in the cloud and control who you share it with or make it publicly available and citable.

Open Science Framework 
Área: General
Características:  Gratis. Sirve como repositorio y además area de trabajo
Descripción:  The Open Science Framework (OSF) is part network of research materials, part version control system, and part collaboration software. The purpose of the software is to support the scientist's workflow and help increase the alignment between scientific values and scientific practices.

El que utilizó es OpenScience Framework