Research transparency of Dental Research

Research transparency refers to making a research study's methods, data, and results available to others so that the study can be replicated and the results can be assessed and verified. This practice helps to ensure that research is conducted in a rigorous and unbiased manner and that the results of the study can be trusted.
So, we asked: what is the level of transparency in dental research? Here are the findings of our latest meta-research study, published in the Eur J Oral Sciences

We assessed 5 practices in >10k articles in 78 dental journals over the last 20 years. 

Conflict of Interest (COI) and funding disclosure were common, but only 7% had registered protocols, and <2% shared data or code. 

There is a trend towards increased transparency, but much room for improvement. 

Sharing original data is most valuable to the public and can increase research credibility. 

Our publication adheres to open science principles with protocol, data, code and final publication open-access. 

Research transparency is an important part of the scientific process and is essential for building a body of accurate and reliable knowledge.